At Cycle Fixit in Hythe, our aim is to always provide an exceptional customer experience.
Below is a list of our main services, however if there is something you need or want that isn’t listed, just get in touch and we’ll do our best to help you.

Servicing Hythe

When was the last time your bike had a service? Just like cars, if we leave it too long, we may get caught out. Our bike servicing in Hythe is comprehensive, but that doesn’t mean that it’s expensive. On the contrary, our servicing is extremely reasonable and could make your bike ride feel like new again.

Repairs Hythe

When things go wrong or break, it’s a nuisance to say the least. At Cycle Fixit we understand that, so we work quickly, professionally and efficiently to get you back on the road again as soon as possible. If you’ve been meaning to get that bike repaired but haven’t got round to it yet, then call us for a free estimate and be peddling again in no time.

Total Bike Restoration & Revamps Hythe

When it’s just too good or too precious to you to throw away, but is not fit for use and needs a rebirth, then your Hythe cycle experts here at Cycle Fixit are the answer. There has been many a ‘phoenix’ emerge from their workshops over the years and your bike could be next. Don’t despair, get it restored by the experts.

New Bikes Hythe

Got your eye on a new shiny bike? Not sure what bike to get? Need some guidance?
Here at Cycle Fixit we will give you expert advice and point you in the right direction for the right type of bike for you and to suit your budget.
We have access to all the big brand names at very competitive prices, so pop in for a chat and some professional guidance, you’ll be glad you did.
*We may be able to offer part exchange on your old bike!

Used Bikes Hythe

We regularly have quality used bikes for sale at excellent prices, give us a call if you are after something specific – we are in contact with many enthusiasts & hobbyists alike & are usually the first to know if someone is selling a quality used bike.
*We may be able to offer part exchange on your old bike!

Bike Christmas Savings Club HytheCycle parts spares Hythe Kent

Join our Christmas savings club and spread the cost of your new bike(s).
We fully prepare the bike for you so it’s ready to pick up in time for Christmas.
If you have selected any accessories we will fit these free of charge.
You can also use the savings club to purchase parts and accessories, call in and have a chat with us.

Cycle Parts and Accessories Hythe

If you’re buying a bike and need the accessories to go with it, or just need a lock, lights, helmet or lubes & tubes, we sell an ever-growing range of accessories for everyday cycling!
We also sell a huge selection of bike parts. Call in to explore our range of parts and accessories.

We welcome you to give us a call to find out more. Tel: 01303 239612


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